Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love rainy days.  I watched Bridesmaids earlier today and just finished Something Borrowed.  Something Borrowed was odd.  I would never want to be with someone like Dex!  I felt like he was screwing with Jennifer Goodwin the entire movie.  I understand that he didn't want to disappoint his mom and and was open with his feelings towards Jennifer but he was very indecisive.  Another thing I didn't like - after he called off the wedding, Kate Hudson asked if there was another woman and he lied about that.  Even if he wasn't certain that Jennifer would be there at the end, he could have told Kate that another person was involved.  I think by that time, the director wanted us to think that Kate Hudson was a terrible person (cheated on Dex, was selfish & rude) and didn't deserve the truth bc she wasn't honest with Dex either.  Also towards the end, we find out that Jennifer's best friend John Krasinski is in love with her but she denies him because her heart is still with Dex.  K.  You go for the guy that strings you along because he can't get over himself and you diss the one that has always liked you?! 

This movie was odd but it wasn't bad; it's not your typical rom-com.  Jennifer and Dex end up together in the end but I didn't get that "awww, i'm so happy they finally got together!" feeling.  By the end of the movie I just sorta disliked all three characters (kate, dex, jennifer).  I didn't fall for the good girl vs bad girl thing, even though they tried really hard to make kate hudson seem unlikeable but they were all guilty of doing something bad.  Maybe that's what the director wants us to see, that there isn't one person to blame in this story and that everyone has flaws.  I think that's it.

Bridesmaids was good but it wasn't as funny as everyone said it was.  I think it's because I came into it with expectations and the golden rule in movie watching is, have no expectations!  The people in the theatre were LOL like crazy but I laughed harder in Pineapple Express (best comedy everrrr).  It's a good girl comedy though, the best one that's come out so far.  My fav part - the big girl telling kristin wig to fight for her stupid life!  To get your life from rock bottom to mediocore to LIVING, you have to fight for it, every inch of the way. You can't keep making yourself the victim.  Get out of your own way!  So true.

After the movie I felt like cheating and splurging on tons of yummy, greasy delicious food but I stayed strong and stayed within my points.  Earlier in the day I ate at an Indian fast-casual restaraunt (the food is set up like chipotle) and it was really gooooood.  If I eat out, I usually only eat at places that make their calorie/nutrition information available.  I'll be going back to this place.  :)

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  1. I agree...Something Borrowed was just too much in one movie. I didn't get that feeling either. I just didn't think the character development was good enough. They just all seemed so shallow.

    I liked Bridesmaids, but was a little disappointed as well. I didn't laugh as much as I wanted to. I liked it though because so many people can relate to characters in that movie. Everyone has issues. I mean, even the beautiful people.

    Good for you for staying on track. Wish we had a place like that in MN. :(