Saturday, May 21, 2011

love me some extra firm tofu

I had a really good week and stayed within my daily points & weekly points, without feeling deprived one bit.  Whatever I ate, I made sure to incorporate tons of veggies or fruits.

Bombay Bowl Grilled chicken, veggies, rice and Tikka - 15P+

Lobster Ravioli - I bought the ravioli brand and buitoni light alfredo sauce from Target for 8P+.  Alfredo sauce was good but PASS on the pre-made ravioli. 

This pad thai version came from iowagirleats.  I used low sodium soy sauce instead of regular and couldn't get over the smell of it in the dish, it was very strong, and not in a good way.  BUT for some reason it didn't smell as bad the next day and tasted 100,000x better.  I followed her recipe to a T except I omitted the snap peas and used 1 cup asparagus instead of 1/2 cup.  I tried extra firm tofu for the first time and just fell in love with it, I want to eat it all the time now!  Serves 4 at 10P+ per serving. 

This photo looks very similar to the one above it but the sauce mixture is different.  I adapted it from Cooking Light.  This is my go-to sauce that I normally stick to.  You get more for 10P+ in this dish than the one from iowagirleats but they both taste good.
  Ingredients for 1 HUGE serving:  10P+
- 2oz uncooked pho noodle - soak it in boiling water so the noodles soften up a bit.  5P+
- 1 cup asparagus - 0
- 1 cup coleslaw mix (I didn't think pad thai would taste good with this but it adds so much volume and doesn't taste bad at all, you can barely taste it) - 0
- 2oz raw ground chicken breast (99/1) - 1P+
- 2oz cubed extra firm tofu (LOVE THIS!) 2p+
- 2 tsp oil: one tsp to stir fry asparagus and coleslaw, the other to cook meat and tofu for 2P+.  Honestly, you only need 1 tsp to cook veggies and a little oil spray for meat & tofu.
Sauce:  0P+
1 tsp low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp cane sugar or brown sugar
1 tsp garlic chili paste (best stuff ever!)

Quickie BBQ sandwich - 9P+
Rudi's whole wheat bun - 4P+
2 oz cooked ground chicken breast (99/1) - 2P+.  I would have eaten 3oz cooked but couldn't fit it on the burger.  See the extra meat in the background?!
A quality slice of cheddar jalepeno cheese - 2P+
2 TBSP Annie's spicey chipotle BBQ sauce - 1P+


I used to buy a tall, non-fat vanilla iced latte 4x a week and each time I spent $3.65.  Now I just make my own.  It tastes just as good for much less $$, and for fewer pts!  One 8oz instant coffee (before you add ice) + 1 tsp vanilla syrup and a little almond milk is 2P+ VS 4P+ when you buy it from a starbucks barista.

I love cantaloupe now that I know how to pick it!  The best way to spot a delicious cantaloupe is by smelling it, that's it.  If it smells sweet, then you know you're good to go.  Also, the rind should be a yellow/pale orange color.  Stay away from green rinds unless you don't plan on eating it for a couple days.  For me, one serving is 1/2 a cantaloupe.  0P+.

I also ate cheetos throughout the week.  32 pieces for 4P+ sounds a little high but fortunately, I was able to control my urge and ate 1 serving a day only.  :)

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