Monday, May 2, 2011


Wow, for the first time since joining WW, I broke down and had the worst food weekend ever.  I'm going to write everything down so that I can see how much I ate. 
Friday -
slice of cake from work - 18P+
chipotle chicken burrito - 25p+
Arby's 5 piece jalopeno poppers - 8
Arby's small curly fries - 12
Green smoothie - 3
Total = 66

Saturday & Sunday - I'm grouping the days together bc it was all a blurr -
- one serving spaghetti and meatballs - 10
- one serving tostida chips with 2tbsp salsa - 4

Then...I took a crazy trip to the store.

- one double chocolate caramel Magnum bar - 10
Haagen Dazs blueberry crumble icecream - 25
Totino's supreme pizza - 20

Buitoni shrimp and lobster ravioli (sooo damn good) - 27

Bertolli Lemon herb Shrimp & Penne - 21
4 Corndogs - 20

Lean Cuisine - 9

- Another double chocolate caramel Magnum bar - 10
- Whole Foods premade spicy shrimp roll - 10
- Whole Foods lobster mayo dip from the seafood area - couldn't find the points on this - probably 20P+
- 3 cans of pepsi - 18
- Sunday brunch with ww buddy after church - Village Inn (think Denny's) - 19
2 eggs = 6
1 slice bacon = 6
1/2 cup country potatoes = 7

Total = 223P+ in 2 days!!!!!  I didnt have anymore WP's left.  I was only supposed to eat 31P+ per day.  I over-ate by 161 pts.  That's like 6500 calories above what i'm supposed to consume in 2 days. 

I felt very full and icky today but kept it together.  I walked for 35min during lunch and had fruit all day and night.  I still feel very full.  I know what caused my overeating.  I will not beat myself up about it, I will not let last weekend ruin today or the rest of my week. 

Since the second at-work WW meetings don't start until May 17, i'll attend a differnet site on TR.

Wow, for some reason listing everything felt satisfying.

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