Saturday, April 9, 2011

opening weekend

I've jumped on the bandwagon and will be cheering on Joe Mauer (hottest average white guy ever!) and the Twins on hardcore...until Percy Harvin and the NFL come back.

I haven't had a green smoothie in awhile, so here it is.  1/2 cup frozen blue berries (blueberries I bought and froze.  I don't like buying packaged frozen berries from the freezer aisle), small banana, 2 cups packed baby spinach and 1/2 cup filtered water.  No almond milk/ff milk, just water and it tasted really good. 

I also made sour bamboo stir-fry.  I effing love sour bamboo.  The only downside is that it stinks my place up for 3-4 days.  One serving white rice 4P+, 1.5 oz diced chicken breast 2P+, 2 servings sour bamboo 0P+, and 1 tsp olive oil 1P+ for a total of 7P+.  Photo is taken after I ate half the plate.  Sooo good. 

I ate 82 pts on Tuesday.  I had a chipotle bowl, Jersey Mike's Mini Ham sandwich, and Qdoba 3 cheese nacho salad with chicken.  I ate all my points for the day and used up all 49 weekly points, I was actually one point over my daily and weekly points.  BUT I stayed on track the rest of the week!!  I felt like crashing and burning many, many times throughout the week but I kept it together.

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  1. Hello! Where have you been? I'm waiting for more inspiration!