Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coupon love

OMG, coupons really do work!  I bought a crap ton of groceries - including organic strawberries, two pureheart watermelon, 4 organic pears & bananas, a huge organic bin of spring greens and romaine and tons of other stuff.  My bill came to $142 but after coupons and in store specials, my total dropped to $111.  I've never in my life paid this much attention to saving money on groceries.  I'm a believer now!

I'm totally having homemade sandwiches this week, i've been craving it like crazy.  Real whole grain bread, turkey meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, red onion, and cucumber...yummy!  I'm totally having it with CHIPS too!  I found a really great brand, i'll post photos later.

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  1. I am not so much a coupon clipper, but I am pretty good about shopping off my sale flyer - last week I only spent $79!!

    Thanks for having me on your blog roll! :D