Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catch Up

It's been soooooooooooo busy at w--k but I still managed to stay on track.  :)  I've been having a mango-banana spinach smoothie everyday, it's sooo good with almond milk and gives me just enough sweetness to stay away from Starbucks and the convenient store. 

I treated myself after Tuesday's weigh in to this LOVELY, super delicious serving of pad thai with white rice. The pad thai, 2oz cooked chicken breast and 1tsp olive oil came to 8P+ and 3/4 cup cooked white rice came to 4P+.

- I only make enough for 1 person because if I made more, i'd end up eating it all by the end of the night!  I learned that boiling the pho noodles instead of soaking them in hot water makes a world of difference; it mixes with the sauce better when it's boiled. 
- For 1 serving of pho (2oz raw) I season it with:
- 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce (1/2 the sodium of regular soy sauce and tastes just as good when cooked)
- 1 tsp light brown sugar
- 1 tsp fish sauce
- 1/4 tsp chili garlic paste (I should have discovered this stuff sooner). 
That's it, no salt or extra flavoring needed.  I garnish the pad thai with a squeeze of lemon and 1 tsp siracha sauce, soooo good.  I've made it without meat and it tastes just as good.
- I adapted my serving from the original Thai Rice Noodle recipe from Cooking Light.

Chili Garlic paste - 0 fat, 50 calories for 1 tbsp at 360 mg Na+.  It's very strong and flagrant, 1 tbsp is a lot.

Last Sunday I mentioned how bad I was craving sandwiches, so I had them all week!  The Denver supermarkets sell a local brand called Rudi's Organic Bakery and it is the BEST sandwich bread I've ever had in my life, no lie.  I bought the Nut & Oat brand and now it's done!  I love firm, yet super moist bread!  I topped my sandwich bread (4P+) with low sodium organic turkey meat (1P+), jalepeno cheese slice (2P+), romaine lettuce and cucumber slices.  Yum.

I tried eating my sandwiches with the most delicious, crispy baked chips but I finished the entire bag in two days!  There are only 4 servings in one bag but I had one serving Monday and 3 servings Tuesday, ugh blah!  I'm a chip lover and I love finding good, quality low pt chips.
- I know saturated fat is bad but I just love these chips, once in every blue moon is okay right?!?!  1 huge serving is 3P+.

I usually eat 3oz cooked meat, maybe 4 or 5 days out of the 7 (I'd like to get it down to 2 - 3 days).  So, I spent a lot of time eating meatless salads with my favorite homemade southwest dressing.  2 tbsp = 3 P+

Tonight I made a meatless curry-spiced noodle dish from the healthy website Cooking Light.  I've made a couple recipes from this website and they've all been YUMMY...except for this one.  It was salty but bland, and just didn't taste as good as I had been daydreaming it would all week.  It may be one of those dishes that taste better the next day, maybe all the ingredients need time to gel.  I like the photos though. 
- I halved the recipe and made 3 servings at 5P+ instead of 2 servings.
- Original recipe found here

I also had some of this at 1/2 cup for 3P+.
- Best all natural sorbet ever!!!!!!!!

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