Thursday, March 3, 2011

glad to be back

Yesterday was not a good day.  Instead of being brave and couragous, and fighting through the day, I wimped out and hid from the world!  You know what that, and lots of it.  I had a regular jersey mike's turkey bacon provolone sub with lettuce, onions, banana bell peppers, jalepenos, pickles, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Total points: 35.  Then I had a chipotle steak burrito, total points: 27.  You get 49 WP's and I ate 52.  Today was better but I still ended up 4pts over DP.  I understand what happened; I refuse to let the guilt keep me from moving forward.  Hellooo life!  Okay, food therapy is done.

So tonight I got back on schedule and packed my food for tomorrow.  For breakfast I'll have a green smoothie and maybe a veggie omelette (depending on how hungry I am when I wake up).  As for snacks and lunch:

This is the last of my leftover lemon brown sugar chicken, it looks really gross but honestly, it still tastes really goooood, I love the flavors.  I like eating asparagus without butter or dressing, especially if i'm pairing it with good tasting meat.  I'm actually craving this!  There is a huge difference between eating healthy, homemade food and eating out.  Ohhh asparagus, I yearn for your yummy.

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