Monday, March 14, 2011


I feel bloated.  Anywhoo...
I sorta just ate leftovers all weekend.

Southwest Mango Salad:
- 2oz cooked extra lean ground turkey
- 2 cups chopped lettuce, yeah, i know it's a little wilted
- 1/2 cup mango, chopped
- 1/4 cup red onion, sliced
- Homemade SW dressing (3P+ for 2 TBSP)
- 1 serving all natural lime chips

I use to have McD's breakfast sandwiches 2-3 times a week, seriously.  I haven't gone since I started ww and I have zero cravings for those diarrhea inducing grease balls.  When I want something warm in the mornings, I make my own breakfast sandwiches and they're just as good.  One serving for 7.5P+.
- 1 whole wheat bagel thin
- 1 egg
- cheese
- turkey sausage

I had leftover chicken, so I made more lemon brown sugar chicken, holy cow, it tastes even better this time, I love sweet and sour mixed together.  I didn't use any salt, just 1 tsp flour & paprika per chicken piece, juice of 1.5 lemons, and 1 tsp light brown sugar per chicken piece.
I served the chicken with one serving (1/2 cup) roasted brussel sprouts.  I overcooked them.  This is the first time i've had brussel sprouts, I like them but not as much as asparagus.
- 7 oz, raw brussel sprouts, halved (this makes 2 servings)
- 1 tsp olive oil
- 1/8 tsp sea salt
- black pepper

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