Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hit the spot

After I saw this from Iowa Girl Eats' website, I had to eat it!  I tried to make carmelized onions, but it didn't quite look like hers.  It still tasted gooood though!  This is the first time i've ever made and tried carmelized onions, and wow does it taste good.

I don't think I sauteed the onions long enough but I was doing it for 25 minutes and didn't want it to burn (I don't even know if onions can burn), so that's why it looks a little undercooked.  Honestly, the onions still tasted really sweet and yummy.  I added a little under 1 tsp of light brown sugar to the onion while it cooked and it made the onion taste even better.  Meal came to 12P+.

- See iowa girl eats for original recipe
- 3 oz cooked extra lean ground turkey (I always make 1.25lb of this and season it with homemade taco seasoning to last me through the week).  3P+
- 2 tbsp bbq sauce mixed in turkey 1P+
- 1/4 cup low fat sargento sharp cheddar 2P+
- 1 whole wheat tortilla, medium size.  Mine was 4P+.
- 1 small onion sliced and carmelized 0P+
- 2 tsp olive oil to cook onion 2P+
- 1/2 to 3/4 tsp light brown sugar, mine came to 0P+.

OMG, I just saw Meatloaf cry on a preview of Celebrity Apprentice and now i'm crying, ugh! 

I'm not a huge meat person, especially when I know I can't drench it in bbq sauce, so next time i'll use 2 oz (instead of 3oz) cooked ground turkey with 2 tbsp bbq sauce.  You can add more than 2 tbsp, but i'm trying to be NA+ conscious.

I was in a rush to work this morning and only brought one chobani yogurt and 1.5 cups asparagus/orzo/salmon dish to work, and by 6pm I was starving!  I read that starving yourself or not enough during the day and binging at night, even if you stay within your pts, can slow your metabolism.  I have to bring more food to work to eat during the day.  So...after 4 weeks of no fast food/fast food gourmet aka Chipotle/vending machine junk, I broke down and ate this.  I didn't beat myself up about it though, the entire bag was 6P+.

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