Thursday, February 24, 2011

ate the same

I just had leftovers today.  For lunch I finished the asparagus/orzo/feta/salmon dish and for dinner I made my go to taco salad with regular salsa.

I like all the blogs I follow, especially skinny taste and now I've discovered another super ww friendly and healthy site!  Nutmeg Notebook is gooood!

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  1. Sooo proud of you. The food you've been eating looks fabulous. If you are going to obsesse over something, why not good and healthy food, rigth? I haven't been losing any weight. I've been struggling with food. With all of my health conditions and how that restricts what I can eat, that really makes choosing the right food difficult. I'm going to start attending classes that help me manage nutrition with my conditions. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.