Friday, February 25, 2011


Eek!  I just bought a $100 kitchen Aid blender!  Here is my very first green smoothie!  You can't taste anything green, it honestly tastes like a banana smoothie with a hint of mango.  It's reallllly sweet in taste and it's really sweet that I finally made one.  OMG, this is soooo exciting.

- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (you can use ff milk or water!  I read that water tastes just as good)
- 1 chopped frozen banana
- 1 cup chopped frozen mango (freezer aisle)
- 2 packed cups of baby spinach
Optional - 1/2 of a med jool date.  I probably won't use this next time, I think the smoothie would have tasted just as sweet without it.
Optional - down the line i'd like to add whey protein or Amazing Grass Superfood.

I used to buy a ton (& pigout) of premade spicy shrimp rolls at whole foods but they're always hit or miss, sometimes they taste amazing and other times, the rice is too hard and old.  So I made my own roll for 8.5P+! 

I bought the bamboo mat at bb&b for 3.99 and made my first, funky amateur looking roll.  I didn't have short rice and used jasmine rice instead.  I read that short rice is always better for sushi though. 

- 1/2 piece of nori
- 3 oz cooked shrimp mixed in spicy light mayo
-1.5 tbsp (will use 1 tbsp next time) light mayo mixed in with squirts of siracha sauce
- 1 serving of white jasmine rice, cooked
- heat 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tsp light brown sugar, & dash of salt together in a pan & then mix into rice
- sliced cucumber

So this is what it's like to hit all your cravings and not feel guilty about it.  I keep thinking about what Michael Pollan said, you can eat junk food but you've gotta make it yourself.  This smoothie's not junk food but it tastes so good, it feels like it.

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