Friday, June 10, 2011

Thai Chicken Saute

I got this dish from Cooking Light and it was soooo good.  My photo looks different from the one on CL but oh well!  If you like coconut milk and a combination of sweet and sour, then you'll love this.  It's spicy too!  I sauteed one whole red pepper before I added the onions.

Serves 4 at 5P+ per serving.  1/4 cup uncooked rice = 4P+.  Total = 9P+.

Other stuff I've been eating -
Cheeseburger - 9P+

Bombay Bowl - damn good.

Pad Thai - 7P+

PB&J and Chia Seeds - 6P+

Grandpa's Pasta Salad I made for a work potluck.  It's not a super healthy dish but it tasted great.  I calculated 10 big servings for 8P+/serving.

I was feeling all bad about myself and bought some stuff from BB&B -

Cute Salad tupperware (sp?) :)

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