Thursday, March 17, 2011

feeling eh

I usually have tons of energy the week after Aunt Flo but i've had low energy all week, I don't know why?!  I didn't have any green smoothies this week, could that be why?  I didn't eat as many salads/raw food either...that could be the reason too. 

My recipes this week have been...ehhh.  I LOVE Falafel King (gyros, yummy flatbread, pita bread, FALAFEL balls...mmm yummy, grilled chicken, tzatziki sauce) and was craving falafel balls all week.  Falafel King sells pre-made falafel balls and tzatziki sauce in the milk/yogurt section at Whole Foods (if you live close enough to a restaurant you can buy the stuff there).  I usually buy it from WF but found a popular recipe on Cooking Light and tried it out.  It's not Falafel King but it tastes O.K., definitely better than my spiced-curry noodle dish last week.
I paired the falafel meat with a 1/2 piece flatbread and 1 tbsp lemon-dill vinaigrette salad dressing.  Next time i'll use this greek salad recipe .  I like it better.

I also made a  3P+ soup with lump-meat crab claws.  Original recipe found here .  It was OK, not great but OK.  I liked my hommade falafel better.  I'm bummed that I spent $8.00 on such DELICIOUS crab meat that's now mixed in a sauce that doesn't taste great but just OK.
It's all natural but something was missing, I probably could have seasoned the soup.

This was probably my most favorite meal of the week, which I ate 3 times!  It's my go to food that somehow, always hits the spot. 
- 1 serving cooked asparagus
- 1 piece flatbread (I ate this instead of my usual 1/2 serving of lime tortilla chips)
- 1 to 2 oz cooked extra lean ground turkey in my hommeade, super low NA+ taco seasoning
- 1 serving shredded cheese
- 1/4 - 1/2 cup shredded lettuce
- red onion
- 2 tbsp extra hot salsa

If i'm still hungry after this, I eat more of it with extra lettuce, and without the flatbread/tortilla chips.

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